Rewriting a wrong: The cast explains why 'All the Money in the World' needed to be reshot

Michelle Williams and Director Ridley Scott on the set of TriStar Pictures’ ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. (Photo: TriStar/Sony)

(KUTV) — “All the Money in the World” recounts the true story from 1973 when J. Paul Getty, the richest man in the history of the world, refused to pay the ransom for his kidnapped grandson.

The film also received its share of press due to director Ridley Scott’s decision to cut Kevin Spacey’s performance as Getty from the film. Academy Award Winner Christopher Plummer was brought in to replace Spacey.

Film critic Ryan Painter sat down with the cast to talk about how they felt when the allegations regarding Kevin Spacey came to light and why it was so important that they reshoot Spacey’s scenes.

Charlie Plummer, who plays the kidnapped grandson, didn't have any scenes with J. Paul Getty, so he wasn't part of the reshoots, but that doesn't mean he wasn't keenly interested in the story as it developed.

“At first it was really scary. I think, whenever something you’ve worked… I worked on this film, I think, for four months and it took up a lot of my life, it was a huge opportunity, my first really big movie,” Charlie Plummer recalls. “I knew so many of the hundreds of people who worked on this film. It was heartbreaking at first thinking that this film could just be swept under the rug and no one will ever see it.”

Michelle Williams, who plays the mother of the kidnapped nephew, adds, "There are so many people who worked on this movie… who were excited to get this job. So excited to get any job on this movie to work with Ridley, to work with his amazing crew that he assembles. Too many people put their hearts and their lives and their time into making these movies. The thought that all of that would be essentially thrown away, because nobody was going to want to see it; it’s sad."

Once the decision to reshoot was made, there were sacrifices that the cast, crew and their families had to make to help put the focus back on the film, rather than one of its former cast members.

Mark Wahlberg says, “I was in Ireland and England promoting “Daddy’s Home 2.” I got home on a Friday and I had to leave on a Sunday to start shooting on a Monday.”

The reshoots required Wahlberg to miss Thanksgiving dinner with his family, but he did make it home that evening, ahead of schedule.

On having to return to a character that she thought she had finished portraying, Williams says, "I'm always happy to return to any of my girls because I miss them. I miss all of the characters I've played."

For his part, Christopher Plummer says,"I always wanted to work with Ridley Scott. What a wonderful chance, this has just been dropped in my lap. How fortunate can I be? Of course I'll do it. I don't give a damn if its two days or three days. I'll do it."

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