12 Wapello County families go from guardians to parents on National Adoption Day

12 families signed adoption papers at the Wapello County Courthouse Saturday morning./KTVO.

From guardians to legal parents - it's a long and grueling process that for many folks, finally ended on Saturday, or National Adoption Day.

“We got a call one day and they told us to come get these boys because they were living in Lovilia, at the time, they were having problems at the house. They said they’d give us 20 minutes to go get them or they’d go somewhere else. So, we live in Melcher, and it took a little longer than that, but we got there. And, the oldest was in school, and the other two were there. We’ve had them for two and a half years. It’s been a long journey,” said Billy Flesher.

Saturday morning, Billy Flesher and his wife officially adopted three young boys: Elijah, Quinton and Adrian.

For the past nine years, the Wapello County Courthouse has opened its doors one Saturday a year to allow folks to adopt a child, in many cases, a child they’ve already been taking care of.

Alicia Varner and her family adopted a two-year-old girl, who they’ve been caregivers of for over two years.

“It’s very overwhelming, at the same time, we’re blessed. Definitely very blessed,” said Varner.

12 families signed adoption papers at the Courthouse Saturday, and while it’s been an emotional journey, it’s one the families are grateful for.”

“I want to thank Ottumwa for letting us have the opportunity to do this today. It’s really meaning a lot to me. She’s my baby,” said Kaylee Pomykaj.
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