2012 Firearms Deer Hunting Season is in full swing

Saturday was the first official day of the 2012 Firearms deer hunting season across the state of Missouri.

From now through November 20, hunters have the opportunity to take deer while helping to maintain a healthy deer population.

On this first day of the hunting season, hunters had a chance to have a home cooked breakfast while helping out a Heartland group.

The Novinger Town and Country 4-H Group held their annual Deer Hunter's Breakfast at the Novinger Fire House.

From 4 a.m. to 11 a.m. hunters could come by and enjoy an all you can eat breakfast buffet for only $5.

Organizers wanted to make sure those hunters had their most important meal of the day before heading out to hunt deer.

"This is the first morning and everyone is excited about going out and hunting deer. If they are going to go out, today is the day to do it. We just want to be there for them," said Novinger Town and Country 4-H Leader Leslie Motter.

This year's breakfast brought another great turnout. This event is the 4-H group's biggest fundraiser of the year.

KTVO also caught up with a few hunters at breakfast and said they are excited for this upcoming season. Hunters told us that with the warmer temperatures it was hard to see any deer Saturday but are hoping with the cooler temperatures in the next few days that will change.

For more information on the 2012 Firearms Deer Hunting Season, click here.

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