2016 dubbed 'Year of Downtown Improvement' for Kirksville

The estimated price tag for the first step of the revitalization project is $900,000 (KTVO)

2016 has been dubbed the 'Year of Downtown Improvement' for the City of Kirksville.

The Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Commission met Friday afternoon to discuss how the 'Downtown Revitalization Pilot Project' is progressing. That project will allow downtown businesses to receive new facades, signage and other needed improvements to help make those buildings shine once again.

The project will be completed with both TIF funds, and funds from the property owners. TIF funds will pay for 75 percent of improvements, and property owners will pay the remaining 25 percent.

In addition to the revitalization project, streets and water mains in the downtown area will also be replaced. While the streets and businesses are receiving makeovers, so will the sidewalks and street lamps.

Kirksville Assistant City Manager Ashley Young told KTVO these projects are necessary, and discussions have already started between TIF, Public Works and Codes and Planning.

"This will take a lot of coordination between not only the city departments but also the city and downtown property owners. Our goal is to improve the downtown, improve the economy and minimize any disruptions the projects it (the projects) will have on the downtown as much as possible."

Young also told KTVO that the improvement projects are set to begin this spring. The estimated price tag for the first step of the revitalization project is $900,000.

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