21 inmates being transported stranded in parking lot when bus axle breaks

The bus was transporting 21 inmates back to the correctional facility in St. Joseph, Mo. (KTVO)

A trip back to the correctional facility for 21 inmates took a little longer than expected Tuesday afternoon when the bus was involved in a minor crash.

A bus carrying the prisoners and two employees was stranded in a parking lot behind Hardee’s and the BP gas station in Macon around 3:30 p.m.

The rear-axle was broken when the driver, Jesse Montemayor, 48, of Cameron, Mo., was trying to make a turn and got the back tire caught on the concrete base of a light pole.

The inmates were going back to the correctional facility in St. Joseph.

One inmate, Billy Coleman, 32, of St. Joseph, and an assistant driver, 57-year-old Steven Mickler, also of St. Joseph, had minor injuries from the incident, but both refused treatment.

Vans from Moberly had to be brought in to finish the transport.

Macon Police Officers and Missouri State Troopers were at the parking lot while the inmates waited to be transferred from the broken bus to the vans.

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