4H Expo welcomes bugs

Children learn about different bugs at the 4H Expo.

Saturday was the last day of Wapello County’s 4H Expo.

Friends and families enjoyed food and took part in an auction. There were also educational stands and one in particular featured bugs.

The Iowa State University Insect Zoo showed folks various critters and explained how important they are.

Their exhibit had a variety of animals, including butterflies, tarantulas and worms. Reading Room Specialist Jillian Kurovski says the insect zoo has been a great learning opportunity for everybody, especially the kids.

“I mean we found that it’s just not a very common thing for people to learn about anthropoids, especially in school, So, it’s really cool for the kids to see all of these different animals,” said Kurovski.

Kurovski says the Insect Zoo travels all across Iowa educating people on bugs.

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