$9k stolen from Oskaloosa liquor store, owner says

Kabal Chauhan, owner of Cork and Bottle Liquor in Oskaloosa, said at least $9,000 was stolen from his store Monday/KTVO

An Oskaloosa liquor store owner is scrambling to prepare for his trip outside the country later this month.

Kabal Chauhan, who owns Cork and Bottle on A Avenue West said his passport was one of the many things stolen from his store Monday.

"Yesterday, I had to drive to Minneapolis to get my passport,” Chauhan said. “That's like a total of a 10-hour drive just to get my passport."

But what's even worse is that a suspect seen in Chauhan’s surveillance footage early Monday morning stole an entire safe filled with nearly $10,000 in savings, a valuable coin collection and several confidential documents.

Chauhan said he got an alert from his security system while the suspect was still inside his store.

"You can see in the video," Chauhan said. "He came in, tried to pick the safe up first, it was so heavy that he couldn't so then he went back and got the dolly."

Oskaloosa Police Chief Jake McGee told KTVO investigators are still trying to identify the suspect who McGee said pried his way in through the back door.

Though the video only shows one man, Chauhan believes the suspect wasn't alone.

"I know there's got to be more than one person because that safe is too heavy to carry," he said.

Chauhan said he was saving the money for his family and business.

"The lesson I learned is, put all your valuable belongings in the bank's safe,” Chauhan said. “I never thought that someone could just come in and take your safe."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Oskaloosa Police Department at 641-673-3201.

Part of Chauhan's surveillance footage is included in the video posted below:

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