Adair County Library purchases 3D printer

Adair County Library purchases 3D printer (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

The Adair County Library has achieved their goal of raising around $4,000 for their KLI Mobile Makerspace Project.

The library has been collecting donations since the spring.

“As a result, in the last few months we’ve been ordering all of the different supplies. So we’ve got lots of goodies on the way," said children librarian Cory Landon.

Some of the funds were used to purchase a storage cart, green screen kit, little bits, and an IPAD.

“They can learn, practice to use their engineering skills," said Landon.

All of the items will be free for public use.

The libraries most expensive purchase was a 3D printer.

Landon says the 3D printer can be utilized to create anything from a key chain, rings, car parts, toys and household items.

“There are people that are really excited that this is going to be open and free to use soon.”

If you are interested in using the libraries 3D printer, Landon will be providing printer demonstrations in the library foyer all day on Friday.

“I will have the printer and lap top in the front of the lobby and we’ll just be printing things all day long so that if people are curious and want to check out what a 3D printer really does."

Community members will not be able to use the 3D printer until February.

Landon says library staff is still learning how to use the device.

They plan on holding a kick off event for the Makerspace Project sometime next year.

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