Adult vaccinations: what you need and what you don't

For Tuesday's Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know if there are any vaccinations you should get again as an adult.

Most of the vaccinations you get as a child will vaccinate you for life. However, there are several vaccinations that are age specific.

College students should get a meningitis vaccination and men aged 22 to 26 should get the HPV for men vaccination. Seniors over the age of 60 should be sure to get one vaccination in particular.

"They also recommend for those that are over 60 that you get a shingles vaccine to prevent you from getting shingles which is a very painful disease and can lead to some serious consequences as well," said Jim Schwartz, Lab Director at the Jefferson County Health Center.

Other vaccinations require boosters after every year or few years. Influenza, which presents a different strand of the disease each season, should be given every year.

Everyone should get a tetanus shot and vaccinations for pertussis, or whooping cough, at least once, and then get a booster every ten years.

"They're recommending everyone get those once in their lifetime as a booster because that - we do know that the childhood vaccine wears off and with all the outbreaks of pertussis happening in the last few years, it'd be a good thing to get that," Schwartz said.

Whooping cough has become common as of late because many too young or too old to get the vaccination are catching the disease, and spreading it to the general population.

Schwartz said vaccinations and boosters are recommended not only for your health, but to keep those around you, especially kids who are most susceptible to diseases, healthy as well.

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