Air Force explains "sonic boom" heard in northeast Missouri

/MGN Online

A bird? A plane? Santa Claus doing a test run?

As a famous razor once said, "The simplest explanation is usually correct."

And so it would likely come as no surprise to Occam that the "sonic boom" heard by northeast Missouri residents Monday afternoon was apparently caused by a supersonic plane.

Calls began pouring in to Kirksville police and confused journalists in the KTVO newsroom Monday afternoon regarding a loud "boom" that shook roofs and rattled furniture.

In fact, some residents reported hearing two booms on Monday afternoon.

We are told the "boom" rattled Downtown Memphis, Mo., pretty hard as well.

On Wednesday, Master Sergeant Zachary Melin from Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Knoster, Mo. told KTVO whatever caused the explosion-like noise was not an Air Force aircraft.

Melin said the sound was likely caused by a Boeing aircraft on a test flight from its St. Louis factory.

Boeing has not responded to KTVO's requests for comment.

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