American Gothic House Center celebrates 10 years

The American Gothic House Center in Eldon, Iowa celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

The American Gothic House Center in Eldon, Iowa has been a historical site and a great tourist attraction for the area for many years. Saturday afternoon, it celebrated its10-year anniversary.

Linda Durflinger is a volunteer for the center. She helped it get started by raising funds for it to open up. Durflinger says in the past 10 years, the center has made a big impact on Eldon.

“I think it’s made even towns people, that knew it was here, it’s made them more aware of the importance of this building. I mean, I lived here all my life and it didn’t mean anything to me until I got involved with it."

Part of the 10-year anniversary celebration included free pies for all who visited Saturday afternoon. The woman who made them is Beth Howard, more commonly known as the “Pie Lady.” Howard lived in the Gothic House back in 2010 for four years. During that time, she sold pies on the property through her “Pitchfork Pie Stand.”

“There was a constant flow of travelers coming by and that was a great part of it, plus the people in town were so nice,” Howard said.

However, Howard’s pie stand isn’t the only time baked-goods have been a part of the center’s history.

“When they first built the visitor center, some of the funds they made were from bake sales, so people actually made pies to make this center happen. So that made it really fun for today to kind of re-create that community effort that everybody pitched in and brought pies to share."
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