AmeriCorps employee wants charge, evidence thrown-out


A former Bloomfield AmeriCorps employee charged with sexual exploitation wants one of the charges against him tossed.

Paul Fleetwood was arrested in October of last year and charged with Sexual Exploitation by a School Employee and assault.

At the time, Fleetwood working as the sustainability coordinator in the Davis County School District.

Fleetwood's lawyer have asked the court to throw-out the sexual exploitation charge because Fleetwood wasn't a school employee.

In court documents, the defense says Fleetwood's employment agreement and compensation came from AmeriCorps, not the school district.

This matters because if Fleetwood is convicted as a school employee he would be ineligible for a deferred judgement, a ruling that might wipe any conviction from his record.

The defense has also asked the court to throw-out any evidence stemming from a July 24 interview with the Bloomfield Police Department.

Court filings say that Fleetwood was not read the Miranda warning at any time during this interview.

In October, Fleetwood's attorney told KTVO that their client maintains his innocence and will vigorously fight the charges against him.

Next up in the case, a February 22 hearing on both motions.

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