AMS: Sunday's meteor traveled at about 86,000 MPH

Photo: Dan Bush/Missouri Skies/Albany, MO

Fireworks or a Fireball?

That’s the question hundreds of people across the heartland were asking Sunday night, when a meteor skimmed the atmosphere just before 9 p.m.

Posted below is one of few videos that actually caught the fireball in motion. KTVO received permission to share this video, recorded by meteor astronomer Dan Bush of Albany, Missouri:

Mike Hankey, Operations Manager with American Meteor Society said his organization has received nearly 300 reports from people who witnessed the event in 10 different states. That of course includes Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

Hankey said the meteor traveled 170 miles total—going about 86,000 miles per hour.

“A typical fireball would travel for about 50 miles so a lot more people from a lot more states were able to see it because it was high up and traveling for a long period,” Hankey said.

He added that there’s no chance a meteorite survived, as the meteor itself burned out at about 50 miles above the earth’s surface.

“I would definitely say this is the event of the month," Hankey said. "The people who witnessed it are really lucky. It is a once in a lifetime experience to see a fireball like this.”

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