Annual school bus inspections begin in the Heartland

Annual school bus inspections begin in the heartland (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

Hundreds of kids rely on school buses to take them to and from school, as well as other special events.

To make sure your kids are riding in the safest conditions, annual school bus inspections have begun.

KTVO attended the first inspection session in Macon.

“Today is probably the most critical day as far as the whole transportation department," said Macon R-1 School District Superintendent Scott Jarvis.

Every year, members with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Motor Vehicle Inspection Division head to the area to inspect hundreds of buses.

Jarvis says it's one of the most important days of the year.

“ We are constantly hauling kids on our buses, so it’s important that we get everything done right.”

Buses from across Macon County attended the first inspection session in early February at Macon R-1 School District.

Jarvis says there are over 300 points that are looked at during an inspection.

Safety equipment, lights, brakes and tires are just a few of the areas that are examined.

“All those different things help ensure that the vehicle is worthy of being on the roadway," said Sergeant Public Information Officer Eric Brown with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The Patrol will sometimes conduct spot inspections throughout the year.

Jarvis says because of how often the buses are utilized, it makes it even more important that the buses stay in tip top shape.

“ A lot of people don't realize, all the activity trips, all the different things we take. Even during the day, field trips, different things we do."

Sergeant Brown says most of the buses inspected stay in good condition throughout the year.

In 2018, the Missouri State Highway Patrol inspected over 12,000 buses.

Over 90 percent were approved by inspection personnel with no defects.

“ So we are very proud of our school districts and the private bus companies of Missouri. The work they do of maintaining their buses to make sure they are safe to drive everyday," said Brown.

Inspections in Adair County will take place on March 15.

The 2019 Missouri State Highway Patrol Annual School Inspection Results will be released sometime this spring.

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