Another Putnam County hospital administrator resigns

Putnam County Hospital (Photo: KTVO)

Putnam County Memorial Hospital CFO Susan Daniels is the latest member of the hospital's administration to resign.

Hospital Board President Howard Luscan told KTVO that Daniels resigned effective Monday.

Luscan said that Daniels's duties have already been reassigned internally.

Daniels's exit comes as the hospital's leadership continues to sort through the financials left behind by former COO Jerry Cummings. Cummings and his wife, CEO Cindy Cummings, resigned in December of last year. Daniels was hired as CFO just before their resignations.

After the Cummingses' departure, Daniels described financial information provided to KTVO as "normal" for hospitals, and that the institution was in no financial danger. Consultation with multiple other financial experts painted a different picture.

Nearly two months later, very little remains of the administrative team that has been accused of warping the perception of the hospital's financial situation.

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