Antique cars drive through Fairfield Loop Trail

A group of antique cars drove through five miles on the Fairfield Loop Trail Sunday morning./KTVO.

Sunday morning, Heartland residents gathered at the Maasdam Barns with their cars to drive the Fairfield Loop Trail. What makes this drive even more special however, was that antique cars even showed up.

“We look forward to it and people have fun with it. But, a little rainy day today kind of cancelled out some of them and they drove modern cars instead of the old cars because it’s been a little warmer and they have windshield wipers and things like that,” said Richard Hemm.

Richard Hemm took his 1931 Ford out Sunday. He says he goes on this fall trail drive every year with one of his antique cars.

Along with Hemm, many other people with old cars, took in the scenic views.

Although the Fairfield Loop Trail is actually 17 miles long, folks could only drive five miles of it. The drive takes you through the west side of Fairfield and ends at Witham Woods.

Director of the Jefferson County Conservation Board Dennis Lewiston says the point of this event is to give people who are unable to walk through the trail a chance to still enjoy it.

“This gives them an opportunity to get out on the trail and see the trails themselves in the comfort of their own car. So, we get ready to do this once a year to give those people an opportunity to do that, and people who can walk still like to do this and participate also,” said Lewiston.
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