Appanoose County Democrats hold open house to showcase their candidates

Democrats in Appanoose County met Sunday; first to introduce their candidates to the public, and also to discuss the party's platform.

One big topic of discussion with the two candidates KTVO spoke with, Joe Judge, a school teacher from Albia running for House District 80; and Tim Tripp, a lawyer from Pella, who is running for Senate District 40; focused on education reform.

Both candidates agreed that this is a bipartisan issue and that compromise is needed to move forward.

"Here in southern Iowa, we have unique challenges in our schools that are not going to be solved with a cookie cutter approach. Statewide, we need to have adequate funding for our schools, and if we don't look at an adequate funding mechanism, then all of the gimmicks and plans that they put into that education reform bill is going to be worthless if we can't keep our school doors open," Judge said.

"Education is so critical for the economic growth of this state. So, we have to take that seriously and move forward. I think in terms of the reforms that have come down, some of them are more form over substance; we need more substance than reform," Tripp said.

For more information on Joe Judge, click here.

For more information on Tim Tripp, click here.

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