Arrest warrant issued for owner of dangerous building

The owner of a partially demolished building in downtown Edina did not appear in court Tuesday. A judge issued a warrant for her arrest. (Echo Menges/Edina Sentinel)

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for the owner of a partially collapsed building that has remained untouched for more than a year.

According to the Edina Sentinel, Anita Woodburn, 54, of Birch Tree, Mo., did not appear in court Tuesday for a hearing on a charge of violating a city ordinance. Woodburn is the owner of an Edina building that was partially demolished in May 2016 after being declared unsafe, but the demolition was never finished. The city has since resisted attempts by Woodburn to make her building the city’s responsibility.

The city reportedly notified Woodburn that her building was in violation of a city ordinance in January, and ordered her to demolish or repair it in February. The criminal complaint indicated Woodburn has ignored phone calls and written correspondence from the city, and officials consider the downtown eyesore a serious safety hazard.

The ordinance calls for mandatory repair or demolition of any dangerous building in the City of Edina, and could result in a fine of $100 per day for every day the building owner is found to be in violation. The city considers that to be 10 days after the notification in February, making the potential fine thousands of dollars.

According to the city’s ordinance, the City of Edina has the option of demolishing the building and charging the owner for the cost, or putting a lien against the owner’s property.

The Sentinel reports that Woodburn’s bond has been set for $2,500. Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop said that Woodburn will be extradited to Knox County when she is taken into custody.

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