Avoiding freezing pipes this winter

Keep the water flowing in your home this winter (KTVO)

During winter weather, staying outside for more than a few minutes can be dangerous.

Extreme cold temperatures can affect everything from your pet to your car to your home.

Kirksville Assistant City Administrator Ashley Young says the city has tried to prevent issues with frozen pipes from happening in the first place.

“Over the years we’ve worked really hard to replace water lines across the city, and water mains, to try and work as hard as we can to put in place preventative measures for this sort of thing,” Young said. “But inevitably mother nature has its will, but we have a hard working crew that can respond to that, and make sure we don’t have any major interruptions of service for all our utility customers.”

With the extreme cold – sometimes, frozen pipes in homes do happen.

“There have also been a number of water shut offs for private lines that have broken, where we need to go in, and shut the water off to that location, so those private lines can be repaired,” Young explained.

There are some things homeowners can do to protect their protect their property from losing water due to frozen pipes this winter.

“There are a lot of tips and hints you see out there to try and prevent frozen pipes – obviously insulation is key, and making sure that those pipes are as warm as possible is key,” Young said. “Some folks advise if you’re going to be gone for example leaving your water dripping a little bit, especially if you have an older home.”

But keeping the water flowing, Young says, is also in part thanks to many city workers.

“Our utility maintenance crew has been doing a great job – we have had a couple water main breaks but they’ve been able to deal with those despite the extremely cold temperatures,” Young said. “It’s hard to say enough good things about these guys who are willing to jump into these holes that are sometimes full of water to repair these lines in what have been subzero temperatures, subzero wind chills, it’s extremely cold.

In the temperatures we’ve had recently – you can be affected by frostbite in as little as 30-minutes.

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