Babysitting class being offered for teens

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The University of Missouri Extension office in Macon will be hosting a childcare clinic Saturday, April 6, at the First Christian Church in Macon. From 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. youth ages 10 to 18 will learn the basics of child-watching and care.

â??We're going to have the fire department come, and they're going to talk about fire safety,â?? said Human Development Specialist Jane Hunter. â??We're going to have learning stations where they'll learn about caring for an infant, (how to) hold an infant and clothing an infant. Weâ??re going to talk about appropriate toys and games for (children). Weâ??re going to talk about nutrition and nutritious snacks that they can fix for children when they're caring for them. And, they're going to make a babysitting backpack to take away.â??

You have until April 1 to register.

Click HERE for a link to the extension office website.

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