Basement fire breaks out at Kirksville residence

Basement fire breaks out at Kirksville residence (Photo: AJ Capuano/KTVO)

A basement caught fire at a Kirksville home Saturday night.

At approximately 11:30 the Kirksville Fire Department responded quickly to the corner of Washington and Mulanix to extinguish the blaze before it spread.

The smell of smoke began to fill the house, which alerted residents to call 911.

An officer with the KPD remarked that “it was kind of hairy there for a while, but we got everyone out.”

By the time KTVO arrived, all residents and their two dogs were safely evacuated from the house.

Approximately 20 minutes after crews responded, the fire had been put out.

The Kirksville Police Department told KTVO that it appeared to be an electrical fire, but that an investigation is still ongoing.

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