Blakesburg celebrates first annual Smalltown Christmas

The Loving Shepherd Food Pantry in Blakesburg, Iowa held a fundraiser this weekend to help make renovations to its building.

The pantry serves the areas of Eddyville/Blakesburg, Moravia, and Moulton providing the only food pantry service available to these residents.

To better serve their clientele, the pantry needed to raise funds to make their building more accessible--they currently reside in the basement of the Blakesburg Methodist Church.

"We are looking for a way to make our food pantry more accessible to people and this was the reason for the starting of the program," said Vera Miller, The Loving Shepherd Food Pantry Director.

And that's how the first annual Smalltown Christmas event came to be.

The Blakesburg Elementary School opened its doors to the public to view eight rooms decorated with different Christmas themes based on the organization that decorated it.

Room themes ranged from a Santa room to a Charlie Brown Christmas room. The pantry also collected money donations for food in the Cafeteria.

The event also attracted people familiar with the building such as 94-year-old Irene Herteen who taught 5th grade at Blakesburg Elementary School for 20 years

"So that's the reason I was interested in coming here to see what was taking place and to see my old room just again," said Herteen.

Check donations are always welcome at The Loving Shepherd Food Pantry.

"Address it to The Loving Shepherd Food Pantry and send it to me Vera Miller--11236 Bison Trail Unionville, Iowa and I will get it into the treasury of the food pantry," said Miller.

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