Bloomfield man charged with killing Amish boy wants bond reduced

Petary bond.png

The Bloomfield man accused of running down a Amish boy has petitioned the court to reduce his bond.

Terry Petary has been in jail since he was arrested on June 25.

That's when he was charged with killing nine-year old Merlin Beechy. The hit-and-run left Merlin's brother, Nathan, hospitalized. He has since been released.

Petary's bond on the Homicide by Vehicle charge was set at $20,000 cash-only.

In his petition, Petary's lawyer says he doesn't have the financial resource to post that bond.

It asks the court to reduce that amount, citing Petary's strong family ties.

The petition goes on to say that Petary has a job waiting for him if he posts bond and that he isn't a threat to the community.

The defense requests the court set a bond that Petary is financially able to post.

A judge is expected to consider the motion on Friday morning.

Petary's is expected to be formally arraigned in the case on August 31.

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