Bloomfield mom charged in sex case will remain in custody


A Bloomfield mother accused of doing nothing to protect her child from a vicious sexual assault will remain in custody.

Kendra Hoover is charged with 14 counts of Child Endangerment and Child Neglect.

She has been in custody on a $100,000 cash-only bond since her arrest in January.

Last week, Hoover's attorney asked the court to reduce that bond, saying she had been free during an investigation that began in March of 2018 until her arrest.

Online court records show, the defense argued that if she wasn't a threat for nearly a year she isn't now.

However, a judge declined to change the terms of her bond, meaning that she will stay in jail unless she can produce the bond money.

Hoover was arrested in January as part of an investigation into the actions of her live-in boyfriend Steven Crook.

Crook has pleaded guilty to four federal counts of Sexual Exploitation after admitting he filmed sex acts with a six-year-old girl.

Hoover stands accused of doing nothing to remove the child from the environment after seeing evidence of the abuse.

Next up in Hoover's case an arraignment hearing later this week.

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