Bloomfield residents discuss streetscape with new Mayor

Mayor Daniel Wiegand met with Bloomfield residents Saturday morning for breakfast at the Southfork Motel./KTVO

A small group of Bloomfield residents met up with their new Mayor Daniel Wiegand for an informal breakfast at the Southfork Motel.

And the big news from the meeting: the likely end of the controversial streetscape project.

The issue of streetscape came up in regard to a rash of parking citations issued in the past week

The new parking rules along the square state that you can only park on one side of the street on certain days.

Wiegand says those tickets were actually a misunderstanding. They were only supposed to be given to a few cars that hadn’t been following the parking rules at all, instead of all of them.

Now the question remains, as to whether they’ll continue to enforce the rule or not.

“We’ll either start enforcing it again, or we’ll hold off ‘til the first part of May when the square gets painted back to however it’s going to be,” said Wiegand.

Last year the city repainted parking spots on the square to give residents a feel for how the downtown would look under the streetscape plan, a plan that Wiegand says he intends to scrap.

But, before that happens he says he’ll meet with the public and business owners to see how they feel.

Scrapping streetscape doesn’t change the fact the down town is still plagued by cracked sidewalks and potholed streets. The Mayor told KTVO he has a more limited plan in mind.

“We’re going to structurally fix things and we’re going to work on a plan, you know, a three to five year plan probably to try to get things fixed. But, as far as coming in and completely re-doing the whole thing at one time, I think it’s probably not going to happen at this point,” said Wiegand.

The Bloomfield City Council will meet Thursday night.

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