Bloomfield residents grill candidates on city's Streetscape project

Bloomfield candidates speak with residents during Tuesday's public forum (Chris Arbino/KTVO)

The city of Bloomfield held their public debate for potential mayoral and city council candidates Tuesday night.

Incumbent Mayor Chris Miller was joined by mayoral candidate Dan Wiegand, as well as city council candidates Jeff Anderson, Scott Moore, Jake Bohi and Darin Garrett for the debate.

Bloomfield residents attending the forum wasted no time questioning Miller on the city’s controversial Streetscape project.

Some felt that the city council and mayor were not listening to their displeasure with the current plan of the Streetscape.

That led to an unusual exchange between city council candidate Darin Garrett and Mayor Miller.

Garrett questioned whether Miller really cared about public opinion regarding Streetscape.

“Don’t you think this rises to the level with the amount of controversy in it that it should have been put to a public vote?” Garrett questioned.
“No, I do not,” Miller replied.
“So you’re not concerned about the public opinion?” asked Garrett.
“Darin, I’m very concerned, that’s why it’s a trial period. That’s why we’re accepting our comments and stuff but this is no different than -- the Rathbun project, Darin, was just as confrontational as this and at that time the decision was made to move forward with that. There’s always confrontational things when you are running for public office,” Miller retorted.

Mayoral candidate Dan Wiegand declined to make any comment regarding the Streetscape project.

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