Bloomfield's solar farm is now up and running

The solar farm is located near Old Highway 2 in Bloomfield, Iowa./KTVO.

Bloomfield’s solar farm is finally up and running.

Back in October, the city began installing over 5,000 solar panels on ground near Old Highway 2.

This 1.86 mega-watt solar farm is generating 10 percent of the city’s power, bringing more price stability to its residents.

Iowa Wind and Solar Vice President David Birchmier says Bloomfield’s solar farm is being recognized across the state.

“Previously they were buying their energy from out of state and now they’re able to create that energy right there from Bloomfield, Iowa. So, I think it’s a way to basically bring the energy production back locally,” Birchmier said.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump imposed a 30 percent tariff on solar panels as a way to put American jobs and business first. Birchmier says while the tariff will help promote American companies, it may make business a bit harder at first as consumers may see an increase in prices.

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