Bringing awareness to suicide prevention

Bringing awareness to suicide prevention (Photo: MGN Online)

In recognition of Suicide Awareness Week, a Suicide Awareness 5K Run/Walk is taking place September 15 in Kirksville.

Carol Davenport with Hospice of Northeast Missouri says most people know of an incident related to suicide that has involved a family member or close friend.

Suicide is something most people relate to, but it is still very hard for people to discuss because of the pain and guilt associated with it.

The goal of the 5K Run/Walk this Saturday is to encourage people to talk about suicide and mental health.

The event has been going on for three years, but this year is the first time a resource table will be provided.

It will include information about suicide and mental health services available locally.

" If someone who is close to us dies by suicide, the natural response is to look back and say what did I miss or, oh my God ,this is the last thing I said to that person. I think when you combine the guilt and the shame that are related with suicide, it just makes it even harder to talk about and we need to talk about those things," said Davenport.

Prior to the race, a mother who lost her son to suicide will be the guest speaker.

You'll learn more about how she started a foundation to help others cope with suicide.

The race begins at 9 a.m. and starts at Hospice of NEMO on the corner of Baltimore and Jefferson.

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