Budget shortfall a concern among politicians at Adair County Lincoln Days

Budget Shortfalls concern among Politicians at Adair County Lincoln Days (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

It's an election year, and many state-wide candidates made it a priority to attend Adair County Lincoln Days Saturday night at the El Kadir Shrine Club in Kirksville.

State Representative Craig Redmon of Canton, and State Representative Nate Walker of Kirksville, were in attendance.

They are both running for Missouri State Senate this year.

“We have to know what direction our area wants to go. Missouri is very diversified. We’ve got urban, we’ve got rural," said Redmon.

Austin Petersen was also present.

“Some of these people are going to meet me for the first time, so I want to let them know what I am and how hard I’m working to replace Claire McCaskill in the Senate," said Petersen.

He is running against Josh Hawley and Democrat Incumbent Claire McCaskill for United States Senate.

“I’m actually kind of a different Republican. I’m a liberty Republican which makes me a uniquely strong candidate against Claire McCaskill," said Petersen.

Like Redmon, Petersen knows budget shortfalls are a big concern among Missouri residents.

“It’s something I’d like to kind of ease the general concerns about. You know we start every year like this. Every year there’s big cuts that have to be made," said Redmon.

“I think we need to cut spending, I think the tax cuts were great, but we really need to definitely get our fiscal house in order," said Petersen.

Adair County Lincoln Days in an annual event put on by the Adair County Republican club.

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