Centerville arrest caught on camera

A Centerville woman’s arrest was caught on camera over the weekend/Molly Heffron

A Centerville woman’s arrest was caught on camera over the weekend.

Breanna Edith Shore, 26, was wanted on a First-Degree Burglary charge Saturday, when police say she led Centerville officers on a high-speed chase near Drake Avenue.

Centerville resident Molly Heffron told KTVO the pursuit ended in her front yard.

“I wasn’t even home,” Heffron said. “I was just driving by and happened to witness it.”

Heffron recorded part of the incident on her cell phone, and has agreed to share the video with KTVO:

Centerville Police Chief Tom Demry confirmed to KTVO Tuesday that the video posted above shows the same take-down between his officers and Shore.

The video has already gone viral on social media.

Shore is one of four suspects accused of breaking into a Centerville home and assaulting two victims with a baseball bat. A search of Shore’s vehicle Saturday turned up approximately 26 grams of methamphetamine. She is facing several charges, to include Eluding and First-Degree Burglary.

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