Centerville family struggles with two members battling cancer

Starla Clemens' family is currently trying to help both her uncle and mother, Lorrie, battle cancer./KTVO.

57-year-old Lorrie Clemens has always been there for her older brother. But, the past two years have been especially difficult.

“I only have a brother and he’s going through chemo because they found out a couple years ago that he had colon and rectal cancer. So, I’ve been trying to help him. He’s handicapped, he’s deaf,” said Clemens. “A lot of people don’t understand him. So, I’ve been trying to help him. Well, now I’m sick.”

On December 1, Lorrie was diagnosed with Uterus cancer. She says doctors also found a tumor in her bronchial tubes. She’s now waiting to hear back about whether or not she can handle going through surgery.

“She’s done the most taking care of my uncle, going to his appointments and just being there for him all around. Knowing that she’s going to have to go through the same thing has been really hard,” said her daughter Starla Clemens.

While Lorrie’s diagnosis hasn’t stopped her from being strong for her brother, it hasn’t made it any easier.

“He’s been falling and I can’t help him. I’m trying to fix myself too,” said Lorrie.

"It's been really hard around Christmas not knowing if this is your last Christmas, if you have more Christmases," said Starla.

While Starla’s been taking care of her two young boys, she’s also been trying to figure out a way to help out her mother and uncle. Starla says they’re already in $4,000 worth of debt. So, she’s started a GoFundMe page to help pay for her mother’s medical bills.

“They’ve always been there for everybody else, they’ve always helped everybody else,” said Starla.

CLICK HERE for the Clemens' GoFundMe Page.

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