Centerville residents receive free hams

It only took about 20 minutes to give out all the hams. (KTVO)

Residents of Centerville woke up early on Saturday and headed to their local Hy-Vee store.

From the street, they could see a trailer parked outside Hy-Vee.

Next to it, employees from the store and officers with the Centerville Police department stood smiling and handing out a Christmas gift.

“There giving out 150 hams to local citizens here in Centerville and they asked us to come out and help unload the truck and pass out the hams and just kind of be here to wish everybody a merry Christmas,” said Chief Tom Demry, Centerville Police Department.

The hams were free to anyone who wished to have one. More than 5,000 hams were given out throughout the Heartland.

“The hams for the holidays is a partnership between Hy-Vee and Hormel where they give away a bunch of hams really throughout all of Hy-Vee’s territory. So, they’re giving out, I think 55,000 hams this year in various communities,” said store director Chris Glick.

But this giveaway is new to Hy-Vee stores located in smaller towns.

“This is the first year where they come to some of the smaller communities which is fantastic for us here. It gives us a chance to give back and really, when you look at the history of Hy-Vee, this is where one of the founding communities, so it’s great to get involved,” Glick added.

Volunteers even saw the giveaway as a chance to spend some family time. Julie McMillin and her son were busy handing out hams.

“We saw the opportunity to hand out hams to individuals in Centerville and we though that would be something great to do together right before the holidays and just get to wish everybody a merry Christmas,” McMillin said.

The giveaway started at 9 a.m. After only a few minutes the hams were all gone and locals could see the volunteers bringing down the giveaway sign.

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