Centerville's Pancake Day is a family tradition for some

The parade took place in Centerville's square./KTVO. 

Centerville, Iowa’s 69th annual Pancake Day took place Saturday in the town square.

The festival and it’s big parade are known for a being family-fun event that brings the community together.

Jane Reznicek has been attending Pancake Day for the last 53 years. She says when she was in college, she would make the trip back to Centerville just for this.

“When we were in college, this was the first time we were allowed to come home. So, our parents said ‘you have to go to college and then you can’t come home until Pancake day.’ So, we’d come home and then we’d bring like half of our floor with us and we’d had as many as 30 people I think in the house for Pancake Day,” Reznicek said.

The day’s festivities will wrap up Saturday night at 11.

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