History of Hidden Treasures: property used as hospital during civil war

Hidden Treasures was used as a hospital during the Civil War. ( Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

The Heartland is no stranger to the stories passed down from generation to generation about the alleged haunted buildings in the area.

The consignment shop Hidden Treasures is no exception.

The property was used as a hospital during the Civil War.

Truman State University English professor Adam Davis says the Kirksville square used to be a war zone.

“If you look at [the] Kirksville square, it’s a peaceful place. It’s a place where people mix and it feels very safe. And to think at the first week of August in 1862, that was a war zone, that’s very hard to wrap your mind around.”

Although Davis says the Battle of Kirksville only lasted 90 minutes, those 90 minutes are a significant part of Kirksville's history, especially the property that Hidden Treasures is located on.

Before that property was a consignment shop, it was a hotel.

The owner of Hidden Treasures, Sherry Stacey, says it was also an emergency hospital during the Civil War.

“Because the battle was basically across the street around the courthouse, they used the Ivy Hotel as a triage and medicine was rather rudimentary at that time, so limbs had to be amputated so they just threw them out the window into the alley.”

Some may wonder, because the property has such a spooky past, does that mean the property is haunted?

Davis says people may always link the building to being haunted.

“When we can point to exactly that spot and say it happened here, that’s deeply disturbing and it will be a place that will be associated with ghosts.”

Stacey says sometime in the 1880's, the Ivy Hotel burnt down.

In the 1920's, JC Penney was built on the property.

Later, the building turned into a store called Books and Things and in the late 1990's, Stacey says it became known as Hidden Treasures.

" I consider it an honor to own a piece of history in Kirksville's downtown history."

Even with all the chilling history behind the property, Stacey says there are no worries regarding the property being haunted.

“The only spirit that’s here is the Holy Spirit. So, there’s no ghost here.”

While the property is not haunted, one thing that it does hold is a lot of history.

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