Citizens participate in Jefferson County Legislative Forum

    Many residents attended the forum. (KTVO) <br><br><p>{/p}<br>

    Jefferson County residents had the opportunity to meet their lawmakers and ask them questions Saturday morning.

    In the Jefferson County legislative forum, the representatives discussed climate change, immigration issues and environmental protection.

    KTVO asked the lawmakers about their biggest take-away from the forum.

    "It was great to see so many people out, so many people interested. We had high energy, a lot of passion. It’s great when citizens are involved—that’s what’s most important," said St. Rep. Jeff Shipley, (R)- Iowa.
    "Be involved with your government. Let me know when you see something that’s going wrong. I can’t see everything. I try to stay involved in all the committees—even the ones I’m not on but I can’t possibly see everything, said St. Sen. Rich Taylor, (D)- Iowa.
    "I think it was a productive conversation, some points got out of hand, but all together I love coming to forums, meeting with the constituents, seeing what they have to say and I think it’s a great perspective for all the representatives," said St. Rep. Joe Mitchell, (R)- Iowa.

    Jefferson County will host another legislative forum coming up on the third Saturday of March.

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