City council candidates try to appeal to voters at forum

Voters can expect to see seven candidates for city council on their ballots for the primary election./KTVO. 

In preparation for the upcoming primary election, Ottumwa residents had the chance to hear from each candidate running for city council Thursday night.

The League of Women Voters of Ottumwa held a forum for the candidates, during which attendees got to ask them questions about various issues facing the city.

Ottumwa resident Julie Barwick says she wants a candidate who’s motivated to help the city.

“I’m looking for somebody who’s knowledgeable, who has the facts, but then also has a passion to move our city forward. Somebody that doesn’t have an agenda beyond that,” said Barwick.

Barwick says she also wants a council member who supports Ottumwa’s revitalization project.

There are currently seven candidates running for city council, that needs to be narrowed down to six. The primary election will take place on Tuesday, October 10.

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