City Council decides against pet dog staying in Ottumwa City limits

Elizabeth Techel at the Ottumwa City Council meeting/ KTVO

The Ottumwa City Council had a tough decision to make at Tuesday nights council meeting.

The council had to act on a recommendation from Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew, to remove a dog from the home of Elizabeth Techel.

July 2018, the dog, a Terrier named Rusty, attacked a 14-year-old girl causing her to seek medical care and stitches. In December 2018, Rusty attacked a visitor to the Techel home, again injuries required medical attention. Techel argued to the council that her dog is not a "vicious" animal and asked them to not remove Rusty. She also told the council that she purchased a muzzle for the dog when he is outside, and installed a dog pen for the backyard.

Techel pleas fell on deaf ears as the council voted in favor five-zero to remove the dog.

Techel left promptly after the vote was final, followed by her family. KTVO spoke with City Council Person, Marc Roe, about what now happens to Rusty.

"Basically, it's the owners discression if they want to find a new home with a new owner outside of the city limits. Whether they want to leave the city limits with the dog, I would hope that wouldn't be the case but those are basically the options that they have unless they can think of something better, "said Roe.
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