City of Kirksville donates check to NEMO Heart Health

Monday night, the city of Kirksville presented a check to NEMO Heart Health. (KTVO)

February is known as American Heart Month, and that's why one local city council decided to make a gracious donation during its recent meeting.

Monday night, the City of Kirksville presented a check to NEMO Heart Health. The check totaled $12,000.

Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber says that money will be used to replace batteries in automated external defibrillator's or AEDs.

Dozens of the devices can be found in businesses in the city.

Statistics show that only five percent of people who suffer cardiac arrest survive.

However, the chance of survival increases to 60 percent when an AED is used.

NEMO Heart Health Vice President Joe Schilling thanked council and the city for the donation.

He says the AEDs help make Kirksville a safer and more prepared place for cardiac arrest emergencies.

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