City prepares Jefferson Street Bridge for winter

Jefferson Street Bridge in Ottumwa was closed Monday for winter preparation.

Traffic was a little congested in Ottumwa Monday as crews set to work on preparing the Jefferson Street bridge for winter.

The bridge was closed after the morning rush and will likely remain closed until Tuesday. The work is done once each season, and crews put linseed oil on the deck and sidewalk of the bridge.

"The linseed oil is essentially a protective barrier and it keeps the salt from snow and ice removal from being absorbed into the concrete," said Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa Public Information Officer. "That's an old bridge and we really do work hard to maintain it and to keep it open. This is one of those preventative steps that we take before winter."

Rodgers said he was unsure if any other bridges or streets are scheduled for winter preparation, but he said the linseed oil is an essential part of getting the Jefferson Street bridge ready for harsh winter weather.

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