City warning: Don't get duped by using scam site to pay utility bill

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An unauthorized website that uses the same logo as the city, and has familiar looking contact information, is tricking customers into using it to pay their city utility bills.

And it’s costing them – in more than one way.

Assistant Kirksville City Manager Ashley Young says a number of people have been impacted by different websites that look like the actual site where you can pay your city utility bill.

“They actually had taken our logo, taken our contact information, taken other data,” Young said. “It was fairly easy for us to detect because we can see that the logo was out of date, a couple of the email addresses that were listed were for former employees, but for most people out there that they may not realize that that isn’t a site that’s affiliated with the city of Kirksville.”

The authorized utility bill pay site is free of charge to use.

Using unauthorized sites can cost you in more ways than the initial use fee they charge.

“We have had a couple customers who have used that service or one of the services online, they’ve been charged a fee, and then their payments came in to city hall late,” Young explained. “They were late in paying their utility bill – through completely unbeknownst to them, because they thought they were using a service that was affiliated with, or authorized by the city of Kirksville, but it wasn’t.”

In a news release, the city stated the only city-authorized system to pay utility bills online is:

If you’d like more information, contact Kirksville City Finance Supervisor Jeanie Ewing at 660-627-1251.

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