Co-workers honor retirees with reception

Retiring Presiding Commissioner Stanley Pickens (left), and Retiring County Assessor Donnie Waybill (right) KTVO

After years of service to Adair County, two Heartland men are retiring.

A reception was held Wednesday for Presiding Commissioner Stanley Pickens and County Assessor Donnie Waybill.

This is Stanley’s second retirement. He worked for 31 years at Frito-Lay, before his eight years of service as presiding commissioner from 2011-2018.

Donnie Waybill has been the county assessor for 13 years, from 2005-2018.

They told KTVO they've both enjoyed their time working at the courthouse.

“The regular work, like building bridges, over at the road and bridge department. It's been fun,” Pickens said.
“It's been a great pleasure to serve the county. I’ve learned so many things from all the schooling and things I’ve gone to. I got to work with a great bunch of people that I never would have met before, and work with all the citizens of Adair County,” recalled Waybill.

Stanley said he's looking forward to traveling in his retirement, while Donnie told us he was excited to have some time to relax.

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