Cold weather safety tips for pets

Sophie/ Animal Clinic Southside

KTVO predicted sub-zero temperatures overnight for the next few days.

KTVO went to Animal Clinic Southside of Ottumwa to learn more about how to keep outdoor pet’s safe during these hazardous conditions. Veterinarian, Matthew Garver, said ice-melt products aggravate dog paws, so it’s important to dry them when they come inside.

He added that heated water pet bowls can also help, as pets are using more energy in the winter. If you keep your pets outside, be sure to provide shelter for them. A dog house or area that's small enough to hold heat in, yet big enough for the animal to get up and move around in. During the winter, cats often pick an unusual place to stay warm, which can also lead to a life or death situation.

“It seems like this time of year we run into a lot of cats that get caught in car motors . So, if you have a lot of outdoor cats around your place, and someone comes over for dinner. Those cats are going to get under your car to stay warm. So, we might want to get in the habit of walking around your car and tapping it a couple of times to make sure there’s no cats staying warm under your hood, “said Garver.

Garver said as easy way to detect if it is too cold to have pets outside is if you open your door without a coat on. If you can’t take the cold, then your pet probably won’t be able to either.

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