Company celebrating 101 yrs of outfitting marching bands, opening 3rd production facility

    Stanbury Uniforms has been in business since 1917 (KTVO)

    From getting the crowd pumped up, to showing off the school’s colors, marching bands are all about pride.

    Not just for the drum corps and marching musicians – but also for the people who make the uniforms.

    Because behind each uniform is an entire team who carefully crafts each piece.

    “It’s something that doesn’t take long, but it does take a lot of caution, a lot of quality, and the workmanship on it – you can see that they’re very proud,” said Carlos Rivera, director of manufacturing at Stanbury Uniforms.

    Stanbury Uniforms in Brookfield, Missouri is celebrating 101 years as a company.

    And now, they’re expanding by opening a third production facility in Warsaw, joining another one in Milan, Missouri.

    “We’re very proud to be in Brookfield for 60 years, we are in our 101st year of operation,” Jim Elliot, president and chief financial officer of Stanbury Uniforms. “We’ve manufactured band uniforms for quite some time. Began in Kansas City, Missouri back in 1917, so we’ve been a Missouri company the whole time.”

    A lot has changed through the century in business, from what uniforms look like, to how they are made.

    “The importance of design has really increased,” Elliot explained. “From the military style look, the West Point trim, and that sort of thing, to now performance type fabrics. Lighter weight uniforms where bands are moving and performing much more than they used to.”

    “Every order is a specialty, it’s a piece of art,” Rivera said.

    The uniform production process is laid out in a series of stations all throughout the production facility, from where the design is created, to making hats, sewing together pants, putting trim on coats, or getting it ready to be shipped out to all 50 states, Mexico, Canada, even to Europe.

    “We’re Missouri proud, and we’re so proud to be opening a third facility here in Missouri,” Elliot said. “It’s very important for us as a Missouri company to employ as many as we can. The growth has been tremendous and we try to keep up with that and employees are the biggest part of that.”

    “When those kids are out there wearing it, we want to make sure that they’re wearing it with pride,” Rivera said. “We’ve got our pride on our side, and they’re going to wear it with their own pride by wearing it with their colors and their logos and all that. It represents a lot not just for them, but for us too.”

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