Competition gets tough during Davis County Fair's turtle race

Kids raced turtles during the Davis County Fair Saturday afternoon./KTVO

Over 100 kids packed the Davis County Fairgrounds Saturday afternoon to racetheir turtles.

It’s an annual competition that’s been happening at the fair for 20 years.

The kids were split into different groups. There was the nine and under race, 10 to 13-year-olds and finally an overall race where the winners of each group competed against each other.

The winning prize: bragging rights and a trophy.

“Competition was stiff today. It made enemies out of good friends. Turtle racing is serious business,” said Bruce Piper.

The kids that race them even have their own techniques to get their turtle to that finish line.

“Over the years the kids have learned that if they set their turtle down and stomp on the side of it, as long as they don’t get ahead of it, the turtle seems to run faster,” said Turtle Master and Fair Board Member Lonni Archer.

Bloomfield resident Bruce Piper has been raising these turtles, many of which were winners this weekend.

“We’ve been breeding them for five years for speed. We’ve had them exercising for the last 30 days,”

Piper trains the turtles by walking them on a leash.

But, while turtle racing is a lot of fun, Piper says the real joy comes from watching the kids.

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