Congressman Dave Loebsack tours Hope House

Courtesy of KTVO

Monday afternoon Congressman Dave Loebsack toured the First Resources Corporation Hope House. Cathy Pringle- Maletta, program director, gave the tour with a few specific keynotes about what is still an reoccurring issue.

Meth is still prominent in our community and it’s also something that when we access as a primary drug that’s being used locally. said, Cathy Pringle-Maletta"

The Hope House specializes in alcohol and addiction treatment for men and women with children.

And then the hope obviously as the name implies, is that they can be here for a certain amount of time not long periods, but sometimes several months. Get themselves on their feet, get themselves back in society, hopefully become good productive members of society, get a job, take care of their kids, and do what we all want to do, be a part of the middle class.” said, Dave Loebsack.

Congressman Dave Loebsack expressed his thoughts about the Hope House as a whole.

To see the services, that are provided here for these women and men who are struggling with substance abuse and also learn about how they are reunited with their children. I think that’s a really tremendous success story, said Dave Loebsack

Although Congressman Loebsack saw the process at the hope house tour a tremendous success story, some members of the community may think otherwise.

The Community sigma that these are sick people, these arn’t bad people, they’re not bad parents, they’re not people who are Innately bad. They’re sick people and they need to embrace that for them and recognize that often they come from not only substance abuse, but trauma, said Cathy Pringle- Maletta
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