Conservationist attends NEMO Ag Show for the 8th year

Conservationist attends NEMO Ag Show for the 8th year (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

"A great opportunity to meet with constituents."

That's what one vendor had to say about the annual NEMO Ag Show that took place Saturday at the NEMO Fairgrounds in Kirksville.

Private Land Conservationist Craig Williamson has been attending the show for 8 years.

As a conservationist, Williamson helps private landowners protect their land.

Williamson says he keeps coming back because of the opportunity to work with producers and other people in the agricultural industry.

Every year, his goal is to provide general information to residents about natural resources.

“Every year it’s a very popular event. We get lots and lots of people to come through which is great.”

New tractors and farming equipment were also on display from retailers across the Heartland.

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