Contents of 109-year-old time capsule revealed

Contents of 109- year-old time capsule revealed (Photo: Amber Draper/KTVO)

The wait is now over.

Residents of Lancaster, Missouri, finally discovered what was locked away in a time capsule for more than a century.

“This really was a historic event," said Schuyler County Historical Society President Sandra Redding.

“I had never seen a time capsule opened. It’s just something you don’t experience every day," said Lancaster native Bob Bigsley.

On Sunday, people of Lancaster gathered at the Senior Housing Community Center to find out what had been locked away in a 109-year-old time capsule.

The time capsule was found at Lancaster School.

Redding says she was surprised the time capsule had so many items inside.

“There were several items, several hand written items from the students at the school. We also had different articles from several business people. We also found a ring, a horse ring I think they said it was.”

For many, this was a moment they would only experience once in a lifetime.

“This piece of history could have easily been lost and people may not have ever been able to view the contents. I think every thought that was put into that time capsule was heart felt by the people who put it there," said Lancaster resident Kelly Lovekamp.

Bob Bigsby grew up in Lancaster.

He says he was surprised by how well preserved the items were.

“Everything was wrapped with string which brought back a lot of memories for me when you used to go to the store everything you picked up was wrapped in string. And how that string were able to hold its strength after 100 years being sealed in a container was a little bit of a mystery to me.”

For now, the articles in the time capsule will be scanned for public use and the original copies will be held at the Hall House Museum.

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