Convicted Heartland murderer wants new trial

    Ethan Davis enters a Appanoose County courtroom during is February 2018 murder trial./KTVO

    A Heartland man convicted of murder wants a new trial.

    The attorney for Ethan Davis has asked the court to set aside his guilty verdict for First-Degree Murder.

    Last month, an Appanoose County jury found Davis guilty of murdering deer hunter Curtis Ross sometime during Thanksgiving weekend in 2017.

    Court records show that the defense raised several issues in its March 8 motion.

    Those include the manner in which the judge instructed the jury after they appeared to be deadlocked.

    At this time, no hearing has been set to hear the motion.

    Davis is scheduled to be in court next Monday for his sentencing hearing.

    It is likely the judge will take up the defense motion at that time.

    If the judge doesn't grant Davis a new trial, he will be sentenced to the mandatory sentence of life without parole.

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