Cooking safety tips during the holiday

    Cooking safety tips during the holiday (Photo: MGN Online) <p>{/p}

    There is nearly a 250 percent increase of home fires around the holidays.

    That's why you need to use caution when cooking this year's Thanksgiving feast.

    Kirksville firefighter Cody Fuller says the main causes of home fires during Thanksgiving are putting frozen turkeys in deep fryers, cooking a turkey before it is completely thawed out, cooking on high temperatures and not paying attention to your food while it cooks.

    Fuller says most ovens are designed to keep a fire contained inside, so if a fire does start in your oven, turn the power off and keep the stove closed.

    If you're comfortable, use a fire extinguisher to put it out.

    If a fire starts on your stove, place something that is non-flammable on top like a cookie sheet or aluminum foil.

    What you must never do is use water to put out a fire when cooking with oil.

    “ Never use water. Water and oil makes for a bad reaction so it will actually add to the fire. Same thing with flour and sugar. People think that because it’s a powder they can smother the fire. Flour and sugar is actually very flammable. It can cause an explosion," Fuller said.

    Never carry around a pan with a turkey that is on fire. The oil can spill and create even more damage.

    Also, no matter the weather, Fuller says deep frying should always take place outside and never inside your home.

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