Cornerstone Church provides free Thanksgiving dinner

Cornerstone Church offers free Thanksgiving meal (Amber Draper/KTVO)

Not everyone is able to make it home for Thanksgiving.

For those who were unable to travel and visit their families, one Heartland church opened its doors to the community for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“We found that Christmas, people have places to go, but Thanksgiving they don’t. Why not open up our church that we’ve been blessed with, with this wonderful space and people can share a meal together, said Ladies Ministry Director Lora Shipley.

Shipley says preparing Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday was nothing short of a community effort.

“We just really want everyone to feel welcome who come in this door and know that we are here to serve them today and anything, to honor God.”

Shipley says other Heartland churches pitched in to donate food items.

The dinner was free of charge to anyone in the community.

“Whether if you’re related by blood or just an acquaintance it’s just nice to be able to sit down and heave a meal with someone else and talk to them," said Shipley.

This is the third year Cornerstone Church hosted a Thanksgiving dinner.

Shipley says during that time, people have stopped by from all over surrounding towns.

“Whether they’re military personal and they’re just passing through, older couples that don’t have family, just listening to their stories and getting to know them. We may not see them again, just sharing that little time, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.”

For Shipley, she says she's most thankful for the act of love that goes into each Thanksgiving meal.

“Everything is prepared by loving hands and people have given up time from their families to do this for the community. It’s just beautiful, just beautiful."
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